Waukegan (IL) High School Class of 1973

Welcome to the site for the Waukegan High School (WHS) – Class of 1973.  We will be using this site to keep classmates of 1973 informed about upcoming events, any news about current happenings, possible group trips that may be planned, whatever.

We have also included photos from past events, names of classmates we are trying to located, and names of classmates that have passed away.

Believe it or not, our 60th birthday is just around the corner

We have set up a webpage on this site to keep you updated on our plans to celebrate the big 6 – 0. The page Let’s Celebrate the BIG 6-0 Together will be updated as plans are worked on. Recently emails were sent out to everyone we had email addresses for from the 40th reunion announcing the plans of a Mediterranean cruise, around September 2015. Ports of call are still being determined so we can get more definitive information out to people.

If interested in joining you classmates, please continue to check back to this site for updates. If you also want to receive email announcements and updates, please send your email address to admin@whs1973.com and we will add your information to the list (if we do not already have the email address).

40th Class Reunion – 

Well class of 1973 – we did it. The feedback from those in attendance has been overwhelmingly positive. We have set up a Shutterfly site (https://whsclassof73.shutterfly.com) so people can share their photos from the events they attended.

For everyone who attended – Thanks for making this a 40th reunion to remember. To those who were unable to attend, you were missed, but hopefully you will be able to look through all the pictures to see what others were able to capture.

The photography studio that was used, took candid shots of the gatherings both nights, group shots of elementary and Jr. High Schools on Friday, and the high school group photo on Saturday. The candid shots, elementary schools and Jr. High schools are available on a CD that can be ordered by emailing Tom Killoran Photographers at tomkilloranphotography@yahoo.com. The CD covering both evenings is $25.

Thanks to the graciousness of many of people, a number of classmates were able to attend the reunion, who would have otherwise been unable to. 

We will continue to post reunion information on the Facebook Group pages Waukegan High School Classes of 72, 73, and 74 and Born and Raised (Living or Lived) in Waukegan.

We need your assistance –

There is a  large number of classmates we are still trying to locate and can use your assistance with locating these people. We will continue to post the list of missing classmates. The latest list can be found with the following link – Missing Classmates as of 6 16 2013. Please continue to check back if you locate someone on this list.

Also, it’s the time in our lives that people may begin to relocate. If you move and change email addresses, please make sure you send you r new address information to admin@whs1973.com so we can continue to reach you in the future. Another way to assist might be to set up an email with Gmail, Yahoo, whatever service allows you to keep the email no matter where you might relocate to.

We will be keeping the voice message service (847-461-3470) operating so you can leave information on this service as well.

One last thing – If you get information about the passing of one of our classmates, please send us an email or leave the information 847-461-3470 so we can keep the list up to date and posted on this site. The current list of the classmates that we know are deceased can be found with the following link – Deceased WHS 1973 Classmates as of June 2013.